Thursday, August 25, 2005


Solva (Solfach, in Welsh) is a picturesque little village I visited some years ago and I think it's worth writing about it here. It's located in the southwestern tip of Wales between Newgale and St. David's along the St. Brides bay. The scenery of the coastal route from Newgale to Salvo is marvellous with magnificent views over the secluded sandy beach.

Solva is a pleasant village sitting at the top of an inlet that runs down to the sea. This made it a natural harbour ideal for trading boats previously. Today, few local fishermen and sailboat enthusiasts use the harbour. When we were there it was low tide, so all the boats were left high and dry in the valley. I would imagine a much more beautiful view when the tide is high and the valley is filled up with water.

We parked the car at the car park next to the harbour and in front of it there was a pub with some tourists and locals alike. The atmosphere of the whole setting was so cosy and restful.

We strolled around the Main Street that has restaurants, pubs, B&B's and Welsh craft shops; probably the only place where all the shops are. There is a shop called "Window on Wales" which has a lot to offer tourists such as quality Welsh wool clothing, pottery, books and confectionery.

The Main Street is really attractive with the houses in many different colours. We picked a restaurant and had lunch there, very nice homemade soups.

This nice little colourful village is a perfect place to chill out in summer months. Furthermore, it’s not awash with tourists.

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