Monday, August 15, 2005


Just a short train ride from Basel (Switzerland) across the border, Freiburg im Breisgau is the gateway to the Black Forest in southwestern Germany.

We (my wife and I) started our city walk at the Freiburg Tourist Information Office, about 350 metres from the train station. Later along Rathausgasse we saw one of Freiburg’s trademarks – the little canals (about a foot wide) with water running. The canals run along the streets in front of the shops (so, watch your steps when you wander around the town).

Continued walking along Rathausgasse, we eventually arrived at the square (Rathausplatz) in front of the Rathaus (the New Town Hall). The Rathaus was built in the 1890’s and it’s a beautiful white building with typical German wooden decor.

Via Eisenstrasse, we came to the Münsterplatz (Cathedral Square). The Münsterplatz is the main and also the largest square in Freiburg, featuring the Gothic style Cathedral (Münster) and a few attractive façades of historical buildings. The Cathedral started as a Romanesque church in the beginning of the 12th century, later rebuilt and completed in French Gothic Style in the 1260’s. Another remarkable building in the square is the Historic Merchants’ Hall (Historisches Kaufhaus) which has a beautiful red façade decorated with coats of arms and statues.

From Münsterplatz, we then took the route through Schoferstrasse to Konvikstrasse where we found an urban charm of nice alleys and houses restored using old façades displaying fine-looking coat of arms.

On the way back to the train station(to catch the train back to Basel), we stopped by Salzstrasse for Schwabentor, a nicely decorated old tower gate.

It never came into my mind to visit Freiburg as it’s comparatively unheard of as a major tourist attraction but I am really glad I didn’t miss it!


  1. Did you know, that during the war, most of Freiburg was bombed, and all the buildings around the Cathedral were either destroyed or damaged. The cathedral, though, remained miraculously untouched.

  2. Vincent,

    Good information, thanks a lot.


  3. nice city with nice weather also..Yes it was bombed during the war, I heard that also..anyway frieburg now is a nice city really..