Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Hong Kong

Many are no stranger to visiting Hong Kong. A small city/country which was formerly a British colony, now part of the People's Republic of China. Hong Kong is always the place that one must visit at least once in their lifetime. Been here over 35 years ago and now returned to see more of the city today.

Wasn't the greatest of trips but certainly a lovely place for the shopping and great deals! Shopping paradise, both branded and not.

Here is my pictorial view of some parts of Hong Kong.

1. Food is one of the highlights of visiting Hong Kong. Cha chan teng is a popular kind of restaurant for this and you can find in any corner around Hong Kong. Also, Wan Tan Mee is suppose to be popular Hong Kong dish but I found most outlets recommended by others to so-so.. the noodles filled with alkaline taste and not exactly the greatest, except for the huge prawn wan tan.

2. This is a unique curve escalator in one of the shopping mall. The name of the shopping mall escapes me now (do you know? Comment below!). Unique isn't it?

3. For those that seek for durian (especially Musang King) outside of Malaysia or Thailand (why would you even want to do that?!!!), you will be disappointed to find that the prices in Hong Kong is extremely expensive! So save it for another day.

4. When in Rome, do as the R...... You have to experience the Hong Kong Beer :)

5. This is an interesting Indonesian restaurant in Causeway Bay cause it has an interesting name... Say it with me... FOOK KIU! at 15 Ngan Mok Street, Tin Hau.

6. And the famous Hong Kong Disneyland. Been around for a long time. Very crowded and mainly populated with tourists from mainland China - you know what I mean.  Patience is a definitely a virtue here. Fantastic day out. (I like Tokyo Disneyland better!)

8. From Victoria Harbour, with the view of Hong Kong Island. Stay for the famous night music and building lights show, known as A Symphony of Lights. It was awarded the Guinness Book of Records for the world largest permanent light and sound show! Not to be missed and spectacular.

9. Occasionally, you may get to see peaceful street protests. Part of the Hong Kong life. This was some pro-democracy protest along the streets of Causeway Bay.

Unfortunately, there are no pictures of shopping. Why would I be taking pictures when my hands are busy buying stuff?! Lol... You know the drill, branded stores (Christian Louboutin, Louis Vuitton etc) and the street stalls. It's everywhere in Hong Kong and very popular! Enjoy the bargains (note, mid year and year end sales).

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