Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Anyone that has been to Tokyo, Japan would agree to the beauty of Tokyo.

Here is is my pictorial story. They say pictures speaks a thousand words. Let the pictures speak to you.

1. Ikspiari Shopping Mall in Urayasu. A nice shopping mall next to the Tokyo Disneyland with lots of Disneyland inspired theme and fun. Must visit to complete the Disneyland experience.

2. Baked Cheese Tarts is the original cheese tarts that create the rave in the country and the region. Still arguable the best around. Note: Don't buy one to try. You'll regret you didn't at least get a box of this!

3. Personally, I liked the Tokyo Disneysea better. A lot more mature content (sort of) and definitely more romantic. The kids absolutely love it too. Which kid doesn't like water? :) 

4. The fireworks at Disneyland and Disneysea is a daily affair. What a show!

5. This toilet paper ensemble is brought to you by one of the world best Ramen noodles shop called Ichiran Ramen. This is in Shibuya. Never run out of  toilet paper again. 

6. Tokyo has many shrines and one of the oldest and most famous one is the Sensō-ji (Buddhist) Temple located in Asakusa neighborhood. Lots of souvenir to buy along the path leading to the temple. You can even rent Japanese traditional clothings for the authentic factor.

7. The Tokyo Skytree located at Oshiage offers 2080 feet tall tower with restaurant and observation deck at the top. It is the 2nd tallest freestanding structure in the world. The sight of the Tokyo Skytree is amazing. Wait till you get to the top. Don't waste time lining up. Go straight to the fast track counter and get to the top immediately. Go sometime around an hour or so before sunset.

8. The 360 view of Tokyo city is amazing. You get to see far. The interesting part is to see how elaborate the Tokyo city is.

9. The sunset very is what everyone come here for. You definitely want to capture this very moment as the sun sets and the city slowly goes dark by section.

 10. The Tokyo Tower is a communication tower. The observation deck is amazing and standing 1092 feet above the ground in Minato. The tower lights up very brightly in the night and can be seen from many spots around the city.

11. One must do at Tsukiji Market is the sushi restaurants. There are a couple of popular ones here. Worth lining up for. The sushi doesn't get any fresher than this. Not forgetting all the street side food too. Come with your stomach empty.

 12. Tokyo is famous for their coffee and one of the best I've ever tried is The Roastery by Nozy Coffee. It is along the Cat Street between Shibuya and Harajuku stations. One cup is not enough. Don't forget to try their desserts too.

13. After some coffee, how about crossing the famous Shibuya Crossing. Great view with another cup of coffee (no where near Roastery's but this will do) from Starbucks there.

14. And while you are in Shibuya, swing by Han No Daidokoro (焼肉バル 韓の台所) at Dogenzaka for some delicious BBQ kobe beef (yakiniku). Try everything. The more marble the beef the better.

15.And then, at the right season, Sakura trees is what you will see all around town.

Hope you enjoy some of the many photos of Tokyo! Certainly a place to visit. Not once, not twice but periodically in your travel plans!

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