Monday, March 2, 2015


When you land at Toronto Pearson International Airport (XYZ), first thing you see around a lot of stations with Apple iPads. There are meant for ordering food while waiting for flights. Quite nifty, quick and convenient.

Mississauga, the town where the airport is located is a very dead town. You do not get much there except for say offices and some restaurants. Even the TownPlace Suites by Marriott in Mississauga where I stayed was pretty quite.

One have to explore into the downtown for more action. A city is pretty much a city but there is quite a lot to see in Toronto, Ontario and during the winter, it makes it more interesting and challenging. The view is beautiful with snow everywhere. Some as high as 6 feet with sludge and mud everywhere. Looks pretty on pictures but very messy on the roads.

And while you are there, you should check out the Toronto Raptors play an NBA game at the Air Canada Centre. They are doing pretty well this season in the basketball league. A midsection ticket should set you back about USD150. Get your tickets early, else you may need to buy them online for a little bit more money. And while you are there, have your meal at the Air Canada Club. Nice view of the court before the game and the Seafood Bucket and Warm Nova Scotia Crab Dip is to die for!

A day trip to the Niagara Falls in the winter was quite an adventure. Slow drives, early sunset. The falls over at the Toronto side was said to be nicer than the American side.

During the winter, you'll witness the falls frozen over. For the first time in 2015, a climber Will Gadd became the first person to climb the frozen Niagara Falls. Read all about it at in this article.

The frozen falls is an amazing sight. And the town is full of vibes too. You get casino, museums, food, and fun. Must stay at least for a night to fully enjoy the place and soak up the experience winter have to offer. Stay safe!


  1. Le Canada est un beau pays. Je vais à Niagara Falls tout le temps à cause de ses beaux paysages.

  2. It is nice place to visit. Playing in ice here is wonderful experience.